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Inbal Segev hugs her cello and smiles, wearing a white blouse against a black background.

Bach Project


An Evening of Bach with Inbal Segev

Inbal Segev offers an immersive evening that explores Bach’s timeless music. The program includes a live performance of selections from J.S. Bach’s monumental cello suites, a screening of Nick Davis’ documentary featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Inbal’s recording process, and personal insights into her interpretive decisions and the process of absorbing and performing these great...

Trailer: Inbal Segev & the Bach Cello Suites

Watch the official trailer for the short documentary "Inbal Segev and the Bach Cello Suites." Inbal Segev recorded Bach's complete Solo Cello Suites over a period of six months at New York City's Academy of…

Guide to the Bach Project

Since recording the Bach cello suites in 2015 under Vox Classics, Inbal Segev has remained a highly revered interpreter of these works, performing for sold-out audiences in cities around the world. In addition to her status as a sought after soloist, Inbal emphasizes the importance of educating the next generation of musicians. In 2016, she...


Bach Project Score Library

During The Bach Project videos, viewers are encouraged to follow along using Inbal’s notated scores. In these scores, cellists can gather useful information including Inbal’s suggestions for expressive markings, dynamic suggestions, and bowings. Scores Cello Suite No.1 in G major, Menuett BWV 1007 Cello Suite No.2 in D minor, Prelude1 BWV 1008 Cello Suite No.2...

Bach Masterclass: Gigue from Suite No. 5 in C minor

I can’t believe it, but this is the last episode for my Bach “Musings" as I have covered all 36 movements of the cello suites!!! I learned so much by explaining them to you and…

Courante from Bach’s Cello Suite No.5 in C minor

The Courante from Bach’s Cello Suite No.5 in c minor features elided cadences, hemiolas, and major/minor key fluctuations, to name a few of the elements that make it such a wonderfully complex movement.