Inbal Segev sits on a stool holding her cello and bow, wearing a sleeveless loose brown dress and looking serious.
On April 20, Inbal Segev joined the Metropolis Ensemble to premiere Timo Andres’ new cello concerto, Upstate Obscura. Based on John Vanderlyn’s massive 2,000 square foot painting, “Panoramic View of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles,” the premiere took place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the painting is housed by its own circular gallery in the Met’s American Wing.
Critics praised Inbal’s performance. Harry Rolnick of Concerto Net noted that her interpretation, “had the brightness and flames of a thousand Versailles flambeaux in the grand gardens, lighting the Grace Rainey Auditorium.” Bruce Hodges of The Strad appreciated Inbal’s “sleek melodic lines,” which contrasted with, “gently falling glissandos in the chamber ensemble’s strings.”
Click here to listen to Inbal and the Metropolis Ensemble premiere Upstate Obscura by Timo Andres.